Terms of service

Acceptance of Terms

These Terms of Use ("TOU") govern your use of the services and content offered by us through Liteish.se. When purchasing from Liteish.se, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use or any changes to them, you should discontinue your use of Liteish.se. The Terms of Use may be updated by us from time to time with or without notice to you. You should review the Terms of Use periodically for changes to these terms. Unless otherwise expressly stated, any new features or enhancements or releases of new features to the service shall be subject to the Terms of Use. Your use of a particular Liteish.se service may also be subject to the guidelines and policies applicable to such service, which may be published and changed by Liteish.se from time to time. All such guidelines and policies are incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use. In the event of any inconsistency between the Terms of Use and any guidelines or policies, the Terms of Use will prevail. 


Products and delivery

All products displayed at Liteish.se are sold by independent retailers. Liteish.se is neither a buyer nor a seller of these goods. Liteish.se provides the platform that allows the sellers and buyers to do business. Thus, any purchase agreement relating to these third-party products is entirely between the customer and the seller. Liteish.se is not a party to the agreement and takes no responsibility for the agreement or anything related to the agreement. We do our best to ensure that the products you buy via Liteish.se are of good quality, that they comply with all relevant rules and requirements and that they comply in all respects with the product description on Liteish.se. We monitor our sellers' delivery processes and our customers' reviews of products they have purchased through Liteish.se, but we have no direct control over each product or delivery of products sold through Liteish.se. We accept your payment as an intermediary to the seller, and we also undertake to refund money on behalf of the seller if you are entitled to it. Your payment will be processed by Liteish.se. And sent by us to the dealer(s) concerned to settle your debt to each dealer. More detailed instructions can be found in the sections on Liteish.se help pages relating to products and delivery. The instructions may change without notice to you, but it may also happen that you are notified. You understand and agree that the instructions are part of these Terms of Use. Product guarantees apply to specific products, and are thus obtained with the product in question or from the retailer.


Changes to the Service

We reserve the right to modify the Service or to discontinue the Service or any part thereof, temporarily or permanently, at any time without notice. We have no liability to you or any third party for any changes to, interruption of, or discontinuance of the Service.


Follow local laws ans regulations

You agree to comply with local laws and regulations governing conduct in electronic environments, approved content and publication of technical information from your home country.